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April 28th 2023
The Hub now has a van. Some of the really heavy collections, not too good for our cars. Photos show Steve collecting the van, from a really helpful dealer Pete.
Very soon Steve put in our first load of the day. I have been thinking we should have a name for the van.
Any Ideas. Pete said she was a good little van. She? It? Him? Please post your ideas and the volunteers will vote for the name they like best.
Robin suggests "Old Mother HUBbard".
I'll post some more pics so that might help.

Breaking News

March 1st 2023
As GEORGE'S FOOD HUB is a 'not-for-profit organisation',George has signed an agreement as a FareShare Network Partner.
This will open up greater opportunities for the Hub to increase the quantities of surplus food to be made available for the local community.
Look out for more news.
More volunteers to help with collections are needed.
Morning collections between 7 - 10 am and evening collections from 8.30 to 9.30 pm
As part of the agreement, all volunteers have taken a Food Hygiene course, even George. (copy Lily's certificate).
The Hub is moving from strength to strength. Having been open for 109 days we have served food for 3,723 folk.
Want to join the team call George on 07891 437914.

Bluecoat School

February 28th 2023

On Fridays GFH will open from 2.45 to 4.15 pm at the Bluecoat School & Children's Centre, Green Lane, Stamford.

Invited by Richard Carton (Children's Centre) and Emma Houlton (Head Teacher of Bluecoat School) George has agreed to open the Hub Services to the staff, parents, and children every Friday afternoon.

The first day proved to be a great success with many of the 41 served being delighted to help save food waste, while many of the children enjoyed the fruit.

Available for all and on display were organic fruit and vegetables kindly donated by Riverford Organic Farm.

About George

In January 2022 George moved on from the highly successful Second-Helpings, Stamford needing to work in a new direction.

Founded by George 8 years previously, the project had fed in the region of 75,000 people, collected and distributed 235,000kg of food, and saved 200kg of co2 each year.

Already George’s new Food Hub is delivering food to three Peterborough projects which are working to feed in the region of 700 people in need each week, including many who are homeless.